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Bryostrate Lab

a workshop designed for a vast range of people who want to learn about moss and nonvascular plants through a strong hands-on activity which aims to reclaim more space for such incredible species in valuable urban environments.


Global Generation

Through an educative introduction of what bryophytes are, the participants will learn where and how moss naturally grows and the amazing series of properties that we can put to use in our everyday environments. The second stage of the workshop is entirely dedicated to the

making of a Briostrate block made out of bio compatible materials and a new type of sustainable cement, where to transplant and growth moss on. It intends to convert theory into practice by teaching moulding and casting techniques that people can apply  in different ways. The Bryostrate Lab gives basic knowledge around bryophytes species to practitioners. It underlines the importance of those species during primary and secondary succession, especially the air and water filtration’s properties and benefits. The workshop finalizes with a deep reflection of where those objects could be placed depending on the number of produced pieces and available surfaces. This inevitably starts a series of thoughts around the concept of scale and how effective are our responses on both physical/mental health and environment.


Through a series of online workshops in close collaboration with Global Generation and their Young Generators, this experience has made possible the creation of small physical responses to climate challenges that we face nowadays. Understanding the limits and possibilities of their creations, the participants will acquire knowledge of bryophytes species and how to transplant them. Generators have developed environmental awareness and reclamation of urban environments by learning simple mold and casting techniques that children can use in their future lives for thousands of different purposes and personal uses.


The online format of the workshop has been the solution given the global current situation. 

For the participants to have a better understanding of the processes and modalities a small booklet of instructions and a stop motion video has been created.

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