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Giovanni Dipilato is a 27-year-old Italian creative Industrial Designer, currently attending the Design Products MA programme at the Royal College of Art in London.


Giovanni’s design is the direct translation of a deep human-centered approach based on the solid Design Thinking’s ethos. His products are characterised by an inclusive usage as he strongly believes in the “Design for All” future reality of the world.


Firstly a graphic novelist, then a jewellery designer and product designer, he has a multidisciplinary background in fine arts which still guides his methodology within his industrial design production. These experiences are reflected into the specific attention Giovanni puts in the final shapes, ergonomy and use of his products.


His latest experiences are focused in the recycling of harmful materials. Through the designing of new circular economies, taking advantages of the material technologies and characteristics to be introduced into new contexts.



I design for people with people.


Euga Design Studio

International Ropeway Congress OITAF

Istituto Ciechi, Milano



Tangari s.r.l

Trinitate Leòn

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