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Tennis for visually impaired athletes is one the fastest growing sports in the contemporary scenario for popularity and fun. RESET is the direct answer to the thousands of specific needs that such entertaining and new activity requests. The entire project has involved exceptional experts in their own fields, from charities foundations to members from the International Blind Tennis Association (IBTA) as well as Inclusive sport development advisors and World Champion athletes. RESET has been designed throughout a series of tests with such incredible and talented people in a range of more than 15 hours with the players collecting their feedback and considering the positive impacts that such creations would have on sport and the individual’s life.


Metro Blind Sport, IBTA

Another part of RESET has been dedicated to a system to eventually let the players autonomously keep score without the presence of a sighted person. By installing a series of foldable mats on the external perimeter of the B1 VI Tennis court the players will be able to hear a different and recognisable sound whenever the ball bounces on them. We have opted for a sort of “drum effect” sound obtained by a particular structure of a plastic sheet with air passing underneath the mats when laid on the surface. The selection of the right material which in a way was able to transmit a recognisable sound has been made with the athletes themselves collecting feedback directly from them. The set-up process of this solution on a tennis court is also saving time for the charity's foundations, at the moment they are forced to use masking tape and tactile lines which need more than 20 minutes of effort, a time that could be saved for the activity itself instead.

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