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Harvesting natural-living filters.


Charity Foundations

The purpose of the project is about taking a drastic position against water pollution in places once rich of biodiversity. This project uses cheap solutions made by a blending between zero-waste materials and eco-compatible ones. It is born in a collaboration with marine biologists and experts in the field, and joins old and cheap harvesting oyster techniques with even more simple ones in order to filtrate polluted areas. Scraps of oyster shells are collected from food waste in restaurants. The cement instead is the most eco-compatible material in the world. Together they create the perfect environment for oyster larvae and those creature living surrounding them. It uses the great ability oysters and mussels have in order to filtrate polluted water (one oyster can filtrate up to 230  liters per day) reestablishing the natural ecosystem. People is now operating as volunteers rather than professionists, these objects will allow them to harvest in certain areas and then moving the settlements in polluted ones. In favour to a more practical solution such as the old farming techniques.

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